Wednesday 18 March 2015

Letter 146: The poor will never get Stinking Rich on minimum wage peanuts

'Dear Dave, 
Today, fifty days before the general election, rather than spinning your increase to the minimum wage, why not be refreshingly honest and just post people on low earnings a few peanuts with an apology? After all, George hasn't kept his promise to bring in a minimum wage of £7 by the end of this parliament, has he?

Talking of apologies and honesty... Grant Shapps, now there's a tricky one. He's getting a lot of media attention and with good cause. Reading all that stuff about LBC interviews, over-firm denials this and Stinking Rich that, multiple identities, mysterious testimonials and threats to a constituent using a law firm retained by the Tory Party, all I could think was, having the Party Chairman carry on in this manner does not reflect at all well on the Conservatives, especially at election time.

With Grant's behaviour laid out so embarrassingly in the press, aren't you concerned that that people will question your judgement when you profess such fulsome confidence in him? I doubt I'm the only voter who is asking, where's the integrity?

Yours, etc'

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