Tuesday 17 March 2015

Letter 145: How can the Tories be "warriors for the dispossessed" while denying legal aid to the vulnerable?

'Dear Dave,

Day 53 of the election countdown and so far this week, apart form the ugly spats at PMQs , we've witnessed the Party leader's wives (and unedifyingly, the Chief Whip's), transformed into political handbags; accessories on the still unofficial campaign trail. It's enough to put you off your supper, whether or not it's in the smaller kitchen.
Keeping to the domestic, do you not think you should mute Michael Gove's rallying cry for the Conservatives to be "warriors for the dispossessed"? His idea of fighting for social justice for "the vulnerable and the voiceless" is an interesting one, but surely quite pointless when you realise that thanks to your coalition government, 40% of victims who've suffered domestic violence no longer satisfy the criteria for legal aid?

Yours, etc'

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