Wednesday 1 June 2011

Letter 22: Is Dave's Flagship Policy Seaworthy?

Ah, this Big Society mission, so hard for Dave to let go of. Could it be it's the only thing that stands between him and his conscience? Matt Baker went up in my estimation a while back when he put to Dave the question that we'll all be asking as cuts kick in. Right now, my concern and frustration is that though economic clouds gather, thunder rumbles, crew jump ship and wiser heads point to possible hazards, Dave keeps trying to sell us something we already have. It feels like a con and always has done. Back in February  The Independent printed an interesting article on the failure to launch BS(2). Now at it's FOURTH relaunch, the scheme still appears to be a fig leaf for ideological spending cuts intended to shrink the state. But small state will not produce Big Society; it will cause deep distress for the most vulnerable people in our community and that's why we want nothing to do with it, however many times Dave S-L-O-W-L-Y spell's it out or re-wraps it.

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