Sunday 15 May 2011

Letter No 21: Fear of Flashman and Selective Hearing

Like many a canny politician, David Cameron is aware of his image. Dare I suggest he might even be a little self important at times? It's reassuring that so many can see through why "call me Dave" likes to keep it real. Where political damage limitation is concerned, speed is of the essence and Dave's stint in PR has taught him when to make a sacrifice or two and when to use other people's tragedy to his own end. For a very well thought out piece on this last point, I suggest you read this article on the itsmotherswork site.
But of late it seems that Dave might have been juggling too much. He and Nick have promised a great deal of reform in this first term of the Coalition, maybe the 'big experiment'  distracts him from thinking about his performance and the mask slips from time to time. Thank goodness for his aides - they can always be relied on set him back on course.

We are still left however, with the issue of his selective hearing. When so many more are opposed to his NHS reform than for and the media presents us with article after video after article . We all need to get involved in making Dave listen, if only to remind him of the time when he thought of the NHS as "one of the 20th Centuries greatest achievements". 

My feeling is, as I watch the truth being revealed bit by unpalatable bit, if we want to save our NHS we'll ALL have to join in the fight for it. 

12/05/11 Here is something you might want to get involved with and pass on too:

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