Tuesday 1 February 2011

Shock horror, a response from Nick's office...

 This was waiting for me at the studio this morning:
While it's good to get a reply, neither Ben nor I have had answers to either of the questions put to Nick in letters 2 and 3. It is a stock response sent out probably to thousands of people(by now

). Points trotted out every time Dave or Nick are challenged on Higher Education, regardless of the questions posed. I think I'll write again and press for proper answers. If there's anything you think that needs to be included, please leave a message in the comments box. 


annie harrison said...

You could ask what they estimate universities will have to charge in fees merely to recoup the teaching grants that are being withdrawn. (i've heard that they will need to charge £6500 but don't know where that figure comes from.)
You could also ask what they think will happen with postgraduate courses, specifically arts MAs which are mostly self funded by students.
Congratulations on this project which i think is a very creative response to the situation. I'm still looking for a way to engage creatively, at the moment I just get more and more angry and frustrated.

Bern O'Donoghue said...

Thanks Annie, they're really good points and I'll include them. I'm sure you'll find some way of getting involved and everything helps.
I started doing this because I spent so much time swearing at the radio!!