Tuesday 8 February 2011

Letter No 12: While we watch, the Tory Party party

What did you do last night? Watched the news, had a bit of supper and possibly did a few household chores? You might have tuned into "Dispatches: Tabloids Dirty Secrets" on Channel 4; or maybe you switched over to BBC3 and watched "Young, Jobless and Living at Home" and then there was Francis Maude explaining The Big Society (and being argued out of his seat by Camila Batmanghelidjh) on Newsnight.  After all that though, I bet like me you wanted a bit of light relief, a distraction from the austerity... Did anyone out there manage to get hold of ticket to "the highlight of the Tory calendar"? No? But then like me, you probably don't have £400 - £1000 spare to buy one either, so just in case you're interested, here's what Dave and most of the other Tory Cabinet members got up to last night while we were supposedly "all in this together"  

P.S. Funnily enough, reading the Sunday Mail one week on, I still feel a bit like we're being left out....

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