Wednesday 1 December 2010

My parents write to Dave and Nick about tuition fees and EMA

Some good news today for believers in democracy: it looks like Dave might change his mind over the bonkers coalition plan to cut funding for schools sports partnerships:  "David Cameron has ordered a rethink on plans to cut funding for school sports in England after concern at a local level."  Only last week Dave described the £162 million programme as a "complete failure" and yet today he said "clearly there are strong feelings about this" and "there is some recognition that this is being raised at a local level".  A No 10 source said "We are listening to peoples concerns".

If he can change his mind over this, let's help him find his way on education. Let's continue to help Dave and Nick "look carefully" and encourage them by keeping the pressure up. Protest works, in the street, on paper and in the media.

In that spirit, here’s a letter my parents wrote to Dave and Nick a few days ago on tuition fees:

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