Wednesday 3 October 2012

Letter 86: Tax cuts: How many of the Cabinet are "all in it together"?

"Dear Dave,
Is what Ed Miliband said yesterday in his speech to the Labour Party Conference true? I know he's asked you about this before (at the last PMQs in fact, but you chose then not to give an answer).
So, is it true that you will be £40,000 better off each year as a result of your Coalition Government's decision to reduce the top rate tax from 50p to 45p?
How about George Osborne? Philip Hammond? Andrew Mitchell? Anyone else in the Cabinet?

Yours, with best wishes etc"


Yarren said...

A unified front is what the UK Parliament needed to address the capital gains tax uk issue. The same should be undertaken by America, but easier said than done.

Kim Cayman said...

You know, there's really no issue if people are to pay taxes as long as it goes to wherever it's supposed to go. It really helps as well if taxes were explained properly on how it's computed.