Thursday 26 April 2012

Letter 64. Human Shields and Double Dipping

"Dear Dave and Nick,
What a day yesterday was! It was all Leveson, Murdoch, Hunt, spads as human shields and firefighting interviews by Gove wherever you looked! Summing it up, the whole day was about economic credibility and political integrity. Because, though who was or wasn't telling the truth about BSkyB is obviously important, the bigger story remains the awful news (double dip) about the economy.
So, leaving, Leveson aside for another time, there are a few things I would like to ask... Such as, how can we be both a "safe haven" and in recession? Secondly, what does it feel like to be the first government to reside over the only double dip since the 1970's? Actually, things are a bit worse than that: we seem to be experiencing the longest period of low or no growth for 100 years. What will you do? Yesterday on the Daily Politics show, Andrew Neil suggested in order to keep to your deficit target, you'll have to either increase taxes or make further cuts. Seriously - don't tell us that you're going to consider further cuts. We've only had 6% of this round so far and here we are in recession, low consumer confidence or people struggling to feed their families and pay their bills. Some might say to cut even more now would show just how out of touch you REALLY are."

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