Wednesday 28 March 2012

Letter 58: Strike, a pose

"Dear Dave,
How much do you want a strike? The only reason I ask is that it strikes me just how many times you've referred to the possibility of a strike as you attempt to strike the balance between a firm but conciliatory pose as you warn us to top up our fuel tanks in the event of a "totally irresponsible" strike. (And jerry cans?? What WAS Frances Maude thinking of? Certainly not Health and Safety!)
Has a strike been called? Because if it hasn't, to keep mentioning strikes might strike some as a crude attempt to either ramp up the tension and anxiety or you're simply trying to distract us from your current donations and "cash-for-access" crisis. That strikes some as just poor politics, so let's just strike that one from our thoughts. Better to think about what you can do to end the anxiety. How about you take Ed Miliband's advice and meet all concerned at ACAS? Strikes me, that's the best thing for everyone.
With best wishes..."

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