Thursday 20 January 2011

Letter No 9: Worries in a crossword

Apologies to anyone who finds No 8 a hard read, but I suggest you blame that on Dave and Andrew. When I began to map the letter out, it became obvious that the NHS overhaul is worrying in too many ways for ANYONE to deal with in one go. Sheer limitation of space meant I stopped at thirty three points and it's difficult to read. So for anyone wishing to understand the crossword have a look below... 

Clues Down                                                                                             
2. Expertise, with closed hospitals through reform: lost                           
3. Users reaction to lower standards: fury                                               
4. Number of unions expressing concern, Letters page 'The Times' 17 January 2010: six
5. Reform intends to shrink this: state
6. Re-organisation loses sight of this? treating patients
8. Increasingly dissatisfied post reform? users
10. Might fall if priority is cost: standards
11. Doctor - patient relations: damage
13. You don't have this for NHS reform: mandate
14. Experts say you must take before changes: more time
15. Needing votes in four and a half years: you
16. The lottery patients dislike: postcode
17. Coming for many with your proposals: redundancy
19. Conservative aim for NHS through reform: dismantling (video as well as article)
21. Beloved service, biggest Uk employer: NHS
23. Many believe this is too fast: pace
25. Lost through broken election promises and sophistry: trust
27. People who think your plans spell disaster for the NHS: experts

Clues Across
1. Where might granny wait? trolley
3. If all goes wrong, difficult to do: fix
7. What the experts think of your plans: disaster
9. What even more experts think of your plansrisky
11. 3/4 of these clinicians are concerned about your plans: doctors
12. Another word for efficiency saving: cut
18. How are these plans anything but? topdown
20. Some one who agrees with Dave and ignores privatisation: grown up
22. Dave, 2010 Election pledge "I'll cut the deficit, not                     " cut the NHS
24. Lost as a result of inevitable redundancy: expertise
26 (See 22 across) "I'll                          , not the NHS": cut the deficit
28. Affected by the reform: everybody
29. Fall guys: GPs
30. Standards, choice through implementing risky reform: loss
31. Experts believe the proposals are: gamble
32. What needs to be more efficiently collected then spent on EVOLUTION of NHS: tax 
33. Where patients might wait for longer under Coalition plans: lists

Written 21/01/11:
Has anyone been listening this week to Andrew outlining his reform plans on R4 PM? Tonight, though most of his time was given over to answering questions from callers, he and Eddie Mair ran out of time.  But there's good news! Andrew has promised to answer every question that is sent to him. Hmm... anyone thinking of dropping him a line?

Thanks to Steve Regan and for the initial puzzle frame - great website!

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Sarah said...

your blog is great.creative,honest humourous and heartfelt, what a contrast to your correspondents!We will keep following it and tell our friends
from Tom Benjamin and Sarah Hitchings (at the banner making on tuesday)