Tuesday 11 January 2011

Letter No 8: Freedom Fairness Responsibilty

   I have to admit that my anger nearly got the better of me when making letter 8; I also had to have a bit of a rant as I watched Dave not directly answer many questions  posed by Andrew Marr on his Sunday show.  That's probably because I want my politicians to be trustworthy and reliable; after all it's a big ask, that we entrust the country to Dave and Nick for five years.  
Check out the Coalition agreement, the standard by which Dave and Nick want us to measure our current Government.  It places great emphasis on three words: freedom, fairness and responsibility.  At the moment they all seem to relate to money or the lack of it.  You might find it interesting that in 2009, while in opposition and talking about RBS (and other banks that you and I own), Dave was so incensed by the size of banker's bonuses, he proposed they should be limited to £2000.  Playing to the gallery possibly?  Whatever he was doing, I trust his word even less today after seeing this.  
Now they have failed to keep their promise on bonuses it's tempting to simply feel frustrated at the Coalition's ineffectiveness and rhetoric.  But, as Left Foot Forward posts today, there are other options.  Wouldn't it be interesting if we all wrote to our MPs and encouraged them to push Dave and Nick to put those ideas into action?

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