Friday, 10 April 2015

Letter 150: Concerned about the NHS? Doctors advise using your vote to make it better.

'Dear Dave,

These days the NHS is never far from the news and sadly, for all the wrong reasons. Back in January this year, Rob Galloway wrote about his concerns and now this week, over 140 leading health professionals contact The Guardian to outline with damning clarity how your Coalition government has failed to keep it's NHS pledges, underfunding the service, leaving it more fragmented and less able to perform it's role than at any time in NHS history.
And what does your NHS protector, Jeremy Hunt do? Does hake a deep breath and face up to the mess your top down reorganisation has produced? No. Instead, he tries to cobble together a lame countering letter in an attempt to spin away the fact that your government's policies have undermined and weakened our National Health Service. And you wonder why we don't trust you with it?  

Yours, etc'

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