Friday 7 March 2014

Letter 126: The protest against cuts to legal aid is a fight for social justice

Dear Dave,
Have you looked outside your window today? What a marvellous turnout of barristers, solicitors and general public opposed to the cuts to legal aid. I just wanted write and let you know that though I couldn't be in London to march with them, I totally support their actions and am there in spirit. It seems I'm in good company. As John Cooper, QC rightly said: "You don't have to be a lawyer to care what happens to justice." My particular concern is the effects of the cuts on abused womenthough there's a much wider impact than just on that vulnerable group. I read in the Guardian that Doreen Lawrence believes that without legal aid, she and her husband might not have been able to continue their campaign for justice. Powerful and timely endorsement. And on the other side of court, shouldn't everyone accused have access to a competent defence lawyer, not just the wealthy?

Yours etc"

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