Monday 24 June 2013

Letter 108: Does money from Tax Havens shore up the Tory party?

"Dear Dave,
I've read somewhere that nearly three quarters of top Tory donors are linked to tax havens. Is that true? How disappointing for tax paying voters if so. Have your donors not heard that you've been incredibly busy this week promoting "the Three Ts" at the G8? Maybe they don't care. Will you MAKE them care, telling them you don't want their donation unless they stop using tax havens? Or maybe you could point out that there'd be no need for those unpopular austerity measures - if only everyone would pay their taxes evaded or avoided. In full. Here. Without resort to creative accounting.

And if that doesn't work, George and yourself could always point out that though using and benefitting from tax havens is legal, it's hardly ethical....

With best wishes, etc"

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