Friday 8 February 2013

Letter 93: If Gove can admit his mistake, what about the rest of the Cabinet?

"Dear Dave,
Fair play to the man. If Gove can admit his mistake and shelve the English Baccalaureate, surely you can shelve the top down reorganisation of the NHS, the bedroom tax, the Work Programme, your current welfare reform and Plan A. After all, every single one of these policies have been criticised by experts in the field and if Michael Gove can man up, do a u turn and survive political embarrassment, surely others in the Cabinet can so do too. And let's be honest, that's one MUTHA of a borrowing figure George has managed to grow for  us

Britain will have borrowed £64 billion more than expected by the time of the next General Election

(Sorry but there's no way of making that look pretty)
Best wishes, etc"


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