Wednesday 29 August 2012

Letter 82: Nick Clegg and his mansion tax - "Man for All Seasons" or just Conference season?

"Dear Nick,
I saw an article in the Guardian today reporting in preparation for the return to Parliament this autumn, you are calling for the redistribution of wealth. I wonder...does this show that you are"a man for all seasons" ie: prepared to stand up for your beliefs, or really just a man for Conference season? Though I'd like to believe your fine words, it's so hard because we've been caught out before. And we all know that whilst you call for a "mansion tax" today, just a few months ago you gave a tax cut of over £40,000 to many thousands of millionaires. Very hard to square in these tough economic times.

While I have your attention, I'd like to also request that if you SERIOUSLY intend bringing David Laws back into the Cabinet (and might I stress here that I am not suggesting Mr Laws has broken any criminal law) might you also consider offering some work to ***** I*****? Ms I***** (name withheld) is a single mother of four, who whilst unemployed failed to declare living with a partner and claimed something like £40,000 in Housing Benefit. She received 6 months imprisonment for doing so. I'm sure she had her reasons and all credit to her, is now paying back the money she owes. She might appreciate some fairness and equality. After all, didn't you yourself say when writing about MP's expenses in The Telegraph, 2009: "If we want to rebuild faith in politics, there can be no half measures." 

Best wishes, etc

PS The parsnips? Painted because I'm wondering about your fine words."

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