Tuesday 22 May 2012

Letter 67 Tory Rightwingers Serve a Red Herring for Growth

"Dear Dave,
Do you like fish? I like fish. In fact I had a lovely piece of sea bass for tea last night. It looked much healthier than that silly red herring your rightwingers tried to pass off as a credible plan for growth. It did make me laugh!
 red herring
1. a dried smoked herring which is turned red by the smoke.
2. a clue or piece of information which is or is intended to be misleading or distracting.
( So named  from the practice of using the scent of red herring in training hounds) 
 Oxford English Dictionary
As if, hey? I'm glad someone's being sensible. Vince Cable and Lord Oakeshott were impressive in their haste to condemn the no-fault dismissal scheme in the Beecroft Report.         
Many think that making it easier for businesses to fire workers would be disastrous for the economy. Listen to Vince who said your government should avoid causing "more fear and apprehension in workers".
What happened to your promise to get the banks lending properly to small businesses? That's the real issue for business isn't it? Do you think Christine Lagarde might have a word for you while you have another look at your fiscal policy?
Best wishes... "

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