Thursday 16 February 2012

Letter 54: Which would you prefer Dave cut: A4E dividends or public sector services?

"Dear Dave
Is Polly Toynbee right? Her article in the Guardian on 2nd February said that only 6% of all public sector cuts have happened? So that's... 94% more public sector cuts to come? And benefit cuts- only 12% of cuts have happened. So, 88% of cuts yet to come?
That's a real shocker. I'm not sure that people will be able to handle such austerity - the people who have no savings or income  to cushion them that is. You know who I mean - people living in areas of high unemployment, NEETS OAPs on state pensions, carers and the disabled living on low incomes, families on benefits. 
You'll be responding by saying you're trying to save taxpayer's money, right? And it's important for us all to exercise restraint, yes?
Can you explain to me then how Emma Harrison managed to pay herself a dividend  of £8.6 million from her A4E firm last year? That's taxpayer's money, mind. Now there's one cut I wouldn't mind seeing you make...

Best wishes

Bern O'Donoghue (Ms)

P.S. It was you who said that you don't believe in reward for failure wasn't it?"

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Anonymous said...

i find it despicable what these two are doing to nhs and welfare and workfare idea truly priviledged people who have never done a full days work and especially mr cameron who had a disabled child and his father was disabled shame on you cameron i wonder were these cuts in your head when your son and father were getting treatment and you were claiming d.l.a for you child wicked wicked despicable act