Wednesday 2 November 2011

Letter 44: OccupyLSX leads the way, Dave should follow


Seems there are quite a few of us who want change from the current climate of greed and self-interest. The final straw for me last week was the news that the total earnings for directors of FTSE 100 companies increased by 49% in 2010. Just on this issue, this is what David Cameron said on the day the report came out:

"I think that everyone, whether they are in public, whether they are in private enterprise, they've got to be able to justify the decisions they make about pay. So I welcome the debate about this. I welcome the transparency, I want to see proper accountability and I believe in a responsible society and that is responsibility exercised by everyone including the boardroom"

Well said Dave, but OccupyLSX actions speak louder than a politicians words:

If you want to think about alternatives to the ones we keep being offered by the current political system, find out about the OccupyLSX. And if you want to get involved but can't camp, I suggest you do what I did; visit your nearest protest camp, donate something and offer practical help. They're protesting for you and me and every little helps.


Anonymous said...

I cannot read the letter :( The handwriting and tents make it difficult.

Bern O'Donoghue said...

Thanks for posting.Sorry to hear that you can't read the writing - is there any way you can enlarge the letter when you open it to make it easier? As the image is a big part of the message, the tents will have to stay.