Sunday 10 July 2011

Letter 27: Wriggling with a can of worms

Dave nailed it for me at Friday's press conference when he said: 
"When (cough) the scandal hits and the truth is plain to see, there are two choices: you can downplay it and not accept the problem is deep, or you can accept the seriousness of the situation and deal with it. I want to deal with it. These inquiries, I believe, give us a chance for a fresh start and I want to take it.... For people watching this scandal unfold, there is something very disturbing about what they see. Just think of who they put their trust in: the police to protect them, the politicians to represent them and the press to inform them. And all of them have been let down. So when the inquiries are over and the questions asked and the truth found out, I want a Police that's proved itself beyond reproach, a political system that people think is on their side and a press that is, yes, free and vigorous, that investigates and entertains, that holds those in power to account..."
Good-o. That means you think it's time for transparency from everyone then, Prime Minister?

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