Friday 1 April 2011

Letter No 17: Gambling on a Budget for Growth

Is Oliver Letwin this year's April fool? Labour is suggesting so and the Coalition PR team will have gone into overdrive this morning to play down what might prove to be a truthful careless slip.

As I shared with Dave and Nick this week, it was worth spending a bit more time considering the Budget and the overview given by five economists in The Guardian on 23rd March was a good place to start. With fuel prices continuing to rise, the cut to Winter Fuel Allowance will make many pensioners very anxious. According to The Independent, for many "cash is so tight that it can come down to a straight choice between heating and eating". This strikes me as shameful in a country as wealthy as ours. Good job then that there are charities out there like Elizabeth Finn Care. April is Benefits Awareness Month and today they launch a campaign to make people aware of what they are entitled to. For further information go to

P.S. By the way, I'm making progress on the bank front - it's not as onerous as you'd think to move your account...

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